2016-2017 CA Board of Directors and Leadership
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Board of Directors

First Vice President
Nancy Lim-Yee, MSW-LCSW
Cheryl Blankenship Kupras
VP Legislative & Political Affairs
VP Membership & Organizational Services
VP Professional Development
Director, Region A
Director, Region B
Director, Region C
Dione Lien
Director, Region D
Director, Region E
Steph Faille
Director, Region F
Director, Region G
Director, Region H
Director, Region I
Student Director South
Jayanthi Daniel
Student Director North
Aleeza McKenna

NASW National Representation from California

Nominations and Leadership Identification
Region XIII National Board Rep
Shirley Otis-Green
National PACE

CA Nominations and Leadership Identification Committee (CNLI)

Amy Levin, Ph.D.
Region A & C Representative
Rachelle Jackson
Region B Representative
Marco Estrada
Region D Representative
Patrick Mace
Region E & F Representative
Emmanuel Chue
Region G, H & I Representative
Meryl Levine
Region G, H & I Representative
Peggy Polinsky, MSW, Ph.D.

Delegate Assembly Roster

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