Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification (CNLI)


The Committee on Nominations and Leadership identification (CNLI) consists of six persons elected from equally populated geographically contiguous groupings of Regions. These groups of Regions shall be determined by the Board of Directors and reviewed not less than every four years. The Chair of the CNLI shall be elected by the full membership of the Chapter.

The duties of the CNLI shall be:

  1. To select at least two candidates for each position in the regular election of Chapter officers, Board members and CNLI members and Delegates as stated in the Bylaws. The candidates shall be selected so as to guarantee that the aforementioned bodies reflect the population concentrations, geographic distribution. ethnic minority distribution, gender distribution, students and special interests of the membership
  2. To develop a leadership roster to be used by the President and to aid in the selection of candidates
  3. To assure Regions recommend such nominees as may be required for Regional positions
  4. To certify a completed ballot to the Secretary of the Chapter who shall announce in writing the candidates to the membership at least thirty (30) days in advance of an election
  5. To receive nominations by petitions
  6. To adopt such operating procedures and make such recommendations to the Board as to assure the orderly and equitable conduct of the election process.

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