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Request a Speaker from NASW

The NASW-CA Chapter makes speakers available to schools, organizations, agencies and groups. The Chapter doesn't charge for this service; however, if applicable, assistance with travel or overnight accommondations is appreciated.

Topics that can be addressed include, but are not limited, to:

NASW: Programs, Services, Advocacy and Benefits
The Impact of the NASW Social Work Reinvestment Initiative
The Process for Becoming an LCSW in California
The Legislative Process and Political Policy and Advocacy

Request a Speaker through NASW

Step 1:  Complete the Speaker Request Form


Please click here  to complete the Speaker Request Form.  


Request a Trainer through NASW

The NASW-CA Chapter can coordinate with NASW-related and non-related organizations and groups to arrange trainers for continuing education and professional development classes and workshops.

To discuss your specific request for a trainer or instructor, please email naswce@naswca.org or phone at (916) 442-4565 ext. 15

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