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California Chapter Draft Plan

Introducing California’s Social Work Reinvestment Initiative (SWRI) Plan

The Social Work Reinvestment Initiative (SWRI) NASW is excited to introduce the Social Work Reinvestment Initiative (SWRI), national initiative designed to unify and advance the social work profession. This Initiative is an integrated action plan that builds on the National Social Work Public Education Campaign and addresses key goals identified by the 2005 Social Work Congress and recent findings by the NASW Workforce Center.

The Initiative’s Purpose The goal is to get government, employers, and others to fully recognize the importance of professional social work and to persuade them to assist NASW in recruiting, retaining, and retraining social workers.

Beginning with State Level Plans Work on the initiative will begin at the state level and will incorporate goals and strategies in the following four areas: Legislative and Political Advocacy, Public Education, Workforce Development, and Stakeholder Engagement.

The Preliminary Draft of California’s SWRI Plan The preliminary draft of California’s SWRI Plan was based on the Chapter’s 2006-2009 Strategic Plan and created with input from the Chapter’s SWRI Task Force and Board of Directors. This preliminary draft includes (1) an Introduction, which provides background information; (2) the SWRI Plan, which details California’s goals and strategies; and (3) a Feedback Form, which allows readers to provide suggestions and comments regarding the proposed Plan.

Invitation for Feedback The Chapter is highly invested in obtaining feedback from the state’s large and diverse social work related university programs, associations, organizations, and groups as well as its social work professionals and students. Consequently, the Chapter implemented multiple strategies to introduce this preliminary draft to as many individuals and groups as possible. .

The Chapter must finalize and submit its Plan to the National office by January 2008.

The Chapter extends its sincere appreciation to everyone who takes time to read and respond to this Initiative. Through this process, the final California’s SWRI Plan will hopefully become the model for the entire nation.

Thank You,

Dr. Jane Middleton, Chapter President

 For questions e-mail naswca@naswca.org or call (800) 538-2565 ext.11

SWRI Plan Table of Contents


Chapter President's Message


Plan Development
Process Plan Timetable


Licensed Social Workers

California Social Work Education Programs and Graduates

California Social Work
Education Center

California Demographic
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