Govt. Relations Elected Social Workers
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Social Workers in California Elected Offices


Barbara Lee, MSW

9th Congressional District

Susan Davis, MSW

53rd Congressional District

Karen Bass, MSW
37th Congressional District

State Assembly

Susan Talamantes Eggman, MSW, LCSW, PhD
13th Assembly District

Tony Thurmond, MSW, MLSP
15th Assembly District

Local Government

Genoveva Garcia- Calloway, MSW
Vice Mayor, City of San Pablo

Cheryl Heitmann, MSW
Councilmember, City of Ventura 

Victor Manalo, MSW, Ph.D.
Councilmember, City of Artesia

Graciela Ortiz, MSW
Councilmember, City of Huntington Park

Richard Tran, MSW
Mayor, City of Milpitas

Educational Boards

Nancy Kohn Hsieh, MSW
Member, Board of Trustees, San Mateo – Foster City School District

Monica Garcia, MSW
Chair, Los Angeles Unified School District Board (LAUSD)

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