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Nominations – California Chapter Elections

NASW is member driven through a democratically elected Board of Directors. Candidates for the elected positions are nominated by the democratically elected Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification (CNLI). Serving as an elected leader of NASW allows a social worker to give back to the profession and includes valuable training, experience, and networking opportunities.


The Chapter holds elections annually with about one third to one half of the positions elected each year. The positions are three year terms with the exception of the student directors, which is one year, and the Committee on Nominations and leadership Identification (CNLI), which is two-year. There are four Board of Directors meetings per year and there are additional meetings locally and regionally for regional officers. The Chapter covers the cost of travel, room and board for these meetings.

Election Schedule: October - deadline for national nominations; December - deadline for state nominations; January - Chapter Board of Directors adopts preliminary slate; March - Polls Open; May- Election Results Posted

Terms of Office: The term of office shall commence July 1 for a term of three years, except student members shall serve one-year terms. No member shall serve more than a total of nine (9) consecutive years of service on the Board.

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