Elections Update
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(revised 9/22/18)



Board of Directors, Region A Director

Board of Directors, Region D Director

Board of Directors, Student Directors North (MSW), South (BSW) 1 year terms

Assistant Region B Director
Assistant Region D Director 
Assistant Region F Director

Assistant Region H Director

Committee on Nominations & Leadership Identification (CNLI) Chair, Regions A&C, GH&I representatives


Regional Officers

Members are also represented on the California NASW Board of Directors by Regional Directors elected regionally in each of the Chapter’s nine regions (lettered A thru I). For a map of these regions, go to the Chapter’s homepage at www.naswca.org

Members elect the Regional Director and Assistant Regional Director for 3 year terms. The Regional Director serves on the Board of Directors which meets in person quarterly (all travel expenses are reimbursed). Regional Directors and Assistant Regional Directors are responsible for NASW programs and activities for each of the chapter’s nine regions.

Regions receive a budget allocation from the chapter and the regional officers are responsible for the allocation and control of that budget. Members interested in promoting local NASW activities would be good candidates for regional officer positions.

Student Director Position (Chapter Board of Directors)  click here 

Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification (CNLI)

Members are elected to by their specific areas (regions) to this committee to identify, nominate and certify a slate of candidates for the various open chapter positions and to make recommendations for national positions. Committee members should be familiar with the elected positions of the chapter and with possible candidates.


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