Councils Grant Application
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NASW-CA Chapter Council Grant Application

The NASW California Chapter provides annual grants to approved NASW California Chapter Councils.Councils are formed around special issues, special populations or particular practice areas.

An annual grant of $1,000 (effective July 1, 2017) is available upon completing the grant application to councils for development.Councils requesting the grant must complete the Request For Council Grant Funds which includes a statement of the previous year’s activities, income and expenditures.

Councils are not subject to the unspent funds recoupment policy. However, councils must state in their request for the annual grant why Chapter allocated funds were unspent for the previous year.If a council under spends part or all of their annual grant, future grant requests may be affected.

Please complete the form and submit it. It will be emailed to NASW and you will be receiving a response shortly.

Once approved, councils are expected to submit a quarterly report on its activities to the Board of Directors through their Member At Large/Vice President liaison.

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