Santa Clara County Social Worker Classification
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The Santa Clara Board of Supervisors is considering a proposal by the Santa Clara Employee Services Agency to include non social work masters degrees such as psychology, counseling and gerontology as qualifying educational degrees for the Social Worker Classification.  See proposal.

NASW doesn't agree with this proposal and feels it could compromise the safety of children, families, the elderly and dependent adults by including personnel that do not have professional social worker training.  Please consider writing an opposition letter to the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors and asking your friends and colleagues to do so (see sample letter).

If you prefer, you can call or email the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors by following this link and clicking on the photo of a supervisor:



County Administration asking the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors to hold (table) action to reclassify social workers educational requirements to date uncertain.

Click on this link for more info.  See item 21, page 18

Thank you for your advocacy.

Santa Clara County

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Santa Clara Proposal PDF (287.88 KB) Administration 3/27/2015
Sample Letter DOCX (14.05 KB) Administration 3/27/2015
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